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Cass Certification/NCOA

To place a "Label-it Yourself" order, or an order for tabs/labels please scroll down.

To place a CASS or NCOA order please fill in the following:

Qty. of Records for CASS:

  $20 min

Qty. of Records for CASS/NCOA Combined:

  $50 min

Your Output Format:


Database Software You Are Using:


Mailing Software You Are Using:


Do You Want a Printout of addresses which DO NOT  CASS Certify:

    Addl cost is $4.66 per thousand records printed, $5.00 min.

File Being Sent Via:



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Blank Peel/Stick Labels/Tabs & Strap

Blank Labels -5,000 labels to a box, 3 1/2" x 15/16" cont. form

  boxes @ $15 per box (no partial orders)

Strapping Kit - 3,000' 1/2" strap w/300 buckles - USPS approved

  Kits @ $50 each

Tabs/Wafer Seals - 5,000 roll

  Rolls of white tabs @ $10 per roll  (no partial rolls)

  Rolls of transparent tabs @ $12.50 per (no partial rolls)
  Rolls of clear tabs @ $15 per roll  (no partial rolls)

Label-it Yourself/ Mailing Kits


This service includes 1-up peel/stick labels sorted to USPS "PAVE" certification

specifications, tray or sack tags, all USPS paperwork and CASS statement

Qty. of records:      File name:
Your Output format:  

Database software you are using:


Piece Details:

  Weight: oz.    Thickness: per inch
    Lenght: inches      Height: inches

Type of Presort requested:

   First Class  Standard  Periodical  Parcel

Do you qualify for nonprofit rates:

    Yes    No

USPS Permit Number: 

     Entry Point:

File Being Sent Via:


Additional Options


 (additional charges may apply)

Do You Want a Printout of addresses which DO NOT CASS Certify?

      Addl cost is $4.66 per thou. records printed, $5.00 min.

Do you want us to check your file(s) for duplicates? 

   Yes    No

Do you want your file run through NCOA (National Change of Address)?

   Yes    No

                    Other/Info Needed

If you have questions or need help filling out this form email us or give us a call @  888 DMI-MAIL